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Coded Communication: Language born of oppression

Investigating Black womxn's experiences, active project to be presented in 2021

This thesis asserts that African American women’s experiences are composed of more than the  maltreatment they are often exclusively defined by. Through playing a customizable board game, players will learn how oppression and celebration intermingle to define African American women’s identities. The game educates those inside and outside this community by encouraging the emancipation of self, decolonization of society, and formation of empathy. The research embraces intersectional feminism, womanism, and linguistic descriptivism. The project is also informed by personal narratives from African American women ages 23-71 and a “call and response” interview methodology.


African American women were invited to participate in my research process here @codedcommunication.

I am currently developing my thesis in the MFA in Design Program at VCUarts Qatar. This page will be updated monthly with my visual and conceptual thesis developments. Coded Communication will be finalized in May 2021.

(developments are listed newest to oldest)

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