Nia Alexander

Artist, writer, designer

Nia Alexander Campbell is an artist and writer from Richmond, Virginia. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University with a minor in Art History (emphasizing in Black art and cinema). She is currently earning a Master of Fine Arts in Design at VCUarts Qatar.


First and foremost, Nia is a storyteller. She believes that storytelling—in any medium—can function as an excellent way to combat ignorance, give a voice to the otherwise unheard, and bridge the many divides we see in our world today. Her subject matter explores themes of the history, mental health, and social interactions of underrepresented groups of people. She often draws inspiration from her experiences as an African American woman raised in the U.S. and her numerous experiences abroad. 


In both her visual and written work, Nia is passionate about inclusion and sharing the experiences of marginalized communities. Her written work is primarily biographical fiction; she has written multiple novels in this genre and is in the process of writing a screenplay. She is also the creator of Black Girls Abroad, a travel blog that seeks to give voice to the travel experiences of black women, which can be seen here


Much of Nia's work manifests in ways that are inviting and unintimidating—designing objects like magnets and children's books or using themes of fantasy and fiction—to act as a teaching tools for larger, more complex themes. Nia seeks to use her passion for visual art & design, writing, and social awareness to reach the younger generation, those who will grow to become future decision makers.​


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