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Nia Alexander Campbell is an artist, designer, writer, and educator from Richmond, Virginia. She received a BFA in Painting & Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and a minor in Art History with an emphasis on Black art and cinema history. She later received an MFA in Design from VCUarts Qatar where she developed the modular board game Reclamancipation as her thesis.

Nia’s creative practice explores the ways collage, writing, and traditional & digital painting methods can be used to tell stories through design. She believes that storytelling in any medium can function as an excellent way to combat ignorance, give a voice to the otherwise unheard, and bridge the divides wicked problems create.  In both her visual and written work, Nia is passionate about inclusion and sharing the experiences of marginalized communities, making a point to depict more than just trauma narratives.

As a designer she develops experimental toys and games that act as catalysts for meaningful conversations about race, history, gender, and identity. These creations function both as sources of joyous play and as tools for profound exploration. At one end of the spectrum, they offer pure, unadulterated playfulness; at the other, they serve as springboards for thoughtful discussions. She aims to extend an invitation to dialogue rather than demand it; if individuals find solace and joy in her designs apart from the discourse, she is delighted to offer that respite. This malleability is paramount, as it allows individuals to engage at their own pace without feeling pressured to immediately digest complex topics and emotions. By imbuing her creations with this dual nature, she offers a bridge that encourages curiosity, reflection, and ultimately, connection.

Nia is also the creator of Black Girls Abroad, a travel blog that seeks to give voice to the travel experiences of Black American women.

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